Stop guessing how to earn & use points - Points Made Easy will teach you how

Everything you need to know to leverage credit card points to save thousands of dollars in travel from someone who's done it before


You love travel, but your budget might not be as big as your travel dreams

That doesn't mean you should stop daydreaming about lie-flat business class seats or postpone your bucket-list trip until after retirement.


Credit card points can exponentially expand your travel budget - if you know how to use them.


Points Made Easy is the only points course that shows you step-by-step how to leverage your expenses to earn tons of points - and gives you hands-on help so you actually know how to use them to book amazing travel.

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Points Made Easy will teach you:
  • How credit card points work and the secret to getting thousands of dollars' worth in travel from points instead of hundreds of dollars' worth.
  • Why you're already in the perfect position to leverage credit cards points for travel - even if you're a beginner, feel overwhelmed or confused about points travel, or have struggled to book travel with points in the past.
  • My signature process for how to make earning and using points easy - so that you can spend your time getting excited about your upcoming travel instead of giving up trying to figure out how to use points.
  • How to spend less money on first-class travel than the price of an economy ticket - and actually look forward to your flights as one of the highlights of your trip instead of something to tolerate until you get to your dream destination.

    It's time to leverage your expenses as assets and master points travel the POINTS MADE EASY way

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Points Made Easy

Investment: $2,000

  • Lifetime access to the Points Made Easy course - including the 4 course modules and bonus resource library 
  • 3 months of live support from Zoom calls where you can get your credit card and points questions answered by me 
  • Access to join live Zoom workshops including Booking Award Flights Like a Pro 
  • 3 months of Ask-Me-Anything access inside the Points Made Easy digital course library so you can get your points questions answered directly by me
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Points Made Easy will show you the exact process I use to earn hundreds of thousands of points every year, and how to use those points for thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars' worth in flights and hotel stays - year after year.

Points travel is easier than you think - what are you waiting for?

Ready to change the way you travel?

Hi, I'm Devon!

I'm a retired physician-turned points travel coach for high income professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.


I used to travel the world "by any means necessary" - booking the cheapest economy flights with the worst itinerary, taking overnight buses to save on hotel costs, and making my budget stretch as far as humanly possible.


When I discovered how to leverage my expenses to earn tons of credit card points - and how to use those points like a pro, everything about my travel changed. I want the same thing for you.


If you're ready to travel more, travel better, or travel like you never thought possible, you're in the right place. Inside Points Made Easy, I'll teach you exactly how to leverage the money you're already spending to earn tons of credit card points and how to use those points to book thousands of dollars' worth in travel.