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What if you could get $50,000 worth of travel …. using credit card points? 


Traveling with points doesn't have to be confusing or complicated.

I've made it easy (and fun!) with my course Points Made Easy.

We open for enrollment on October 14.

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"I can honestly say that signing up for your course was the best money I spent all of last year. It has changed how I manage all of my spend, and how I think about my future travel."  

- Marc Adelsheimer

"OMG OMG OMG I did it!!! Booked 4 BUSINESS CLASS seats to fly from Chicago to Zurich next August!!! Cash price was almost $16k. This will be our first ever business class trip and first time using a transfer partner!!!"

- JC

Learn everything you need to travel using points - without confusion, overwhelm, analysis paralysis, or spending hours you don't have on a hundred different points blogs trying to piece it together on your own.

With Points Made Easy, you'll:

  • Finally understand how points work - and know exactly how to earn and use points for the travel that matters most to you.
  • Have a strategy that will work to earn you thousands of points every year- without having to sign up for a new credit card every month. 
  • Feel confident finding and booking the best points deals, saving you a ton of money and making it easy to take more trips with fewer points.
  • Enjoy first-class travel for the price of an economy ticket - and actually look forward to your flights as one of the highlights of your trip instead of something to tolerate until you get to your dream destination.

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with live support!

Because when you sign up for Points Made Easy, you not only get the online course - you also get access to 6 months of hands-on support through live Zoom calls and workshops!

Everything inside Points Made Easy is yours with a $2,000 investment including:

  • Lifetime access to the Points Made Easy course - including the 4 course modules and bonus resource library 
  • 6 months of live support where you can get your credit card and points questions answered by me
  • Access to join live Zoom workshops including Booking Award Flights Like a Pro 

Points Made Easy will show you the exact process I use to earn hundreds of thousands of points every year, and how to use those points for thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars' worth in flights and hotel stays - year after year.

Points travel is easier than you think - what are you waiting for?


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Points Made Easy will open for enrollment October 14 - October 21